New Year Goals

We often start the new year with a flourish and a desire to start a new, and to brush away the old, to make it smart, we should pull together our New Year Goals. Whether that be changes in budget, lifestyle, outlook for your business or professional life. Whatever that New Year goals you will need to manage them, to prevent feeling overwhelmed. When you take time to plan for your New Year goals, and tackle it bit by bit, it is more achievable.

Establishing New Year goals for 2020 should include your company’s health and safety.  In the past few years Health and Safety has gained a bad reputation, but it is here to protect you and your staff from avoidable accidents. Here you have two options:

  1. Call in the professionals or,
  2. Follow these easy steps.

We like to start simply, and methodically on your New Year Goals.

  1. Do a risk assessment.

Before you start do a bit of prep, to help you understand timings and frequency of incidents, including near misses. Use a group of staff that represent all aspects of your company and establish the threats that your company faces.

Tip: it can be hard to be critical in your own businesses, this is where a trusted professional can be helpful.


  1. Risk Mitigation.

Once you have identified the risks and documented it, then you will need to develop a plan. Start by identifying how to reduce the likelihood of the risk happening. Some risks you can prevent from happening in the first place. Other risks are inevitable, so then you need a plan to reduce the impact on your staff and company if it does happen. This is known as risk mitigation.

Tip: Risks Mitigation should include training, awareness briefs, and documented plan of action.


  1. Document it.

It’s great to have done the risk assessment and fixed the problems you can. But you will need to document it.  When you employ staff, there are legal responsibilities to reasonably prevent risks  they face. But also make staff aware of the risks that they may face all points of recruitment.

Tip: It must be in black and white for compliance. Your staff will have some great methods of staff engagement with health and safety. Why not boost moral and ask them to come up with ideas that champion, good health and safety.


  1. Keep it up.

Invest time in your company’s health and safety continuously. This is not a one time job, but like your marketing or your HR it’s something that you will need to keep investing in.

Tip: Why not start your team meetings with any health and safety concerns? It keeps it on everyone’s adgenda and ensures that it does not get pushed to one side and forgotten.


  1. Budget for it.

There are only a few months left before the new financial year. Before you finalise your budgets make sure that you budget for health and safety, and your training. We can help you with health and safety, fire audits and training.

If this feels like something you can not do, then contact the RAS team today for a conversation about good health and safety, using the booking form below.

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