At RAS we are sure you have lots of questions when booking us. We hope that these frequently asked questions will help you. But do reach out and ask us either via email, or on social media.


Q: Are your courses COVID safe?

A: We aim to make out courses as safe as we can. When training non-activity parts of the course, we will have you in rows in 2m and for the course we will ask you to be in a bubble. We can and do offer trainings via VOIP (internet call). If you are hosting our trainings, we will send you a checklist of requirements ahead of time, so we will be as safe as possible. We will ask you to wear a mask, have windows open and use hand sanitizers/soap and water where possible.


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Q: What happens if COVID stops training?

A: We will do our best to reschedule the training within six (6) months of the intended date. The safety and wellbeing of our and your staff is paramount to us.


Q: I need a Health and Safety Audit for my business. Is this something you can do for me?

A: This is something that RAS: Risk Advisory Service does not undertake. We can help to point you in the right direction of someone who can. RAS: Risk Advisory Service can help you with risk assessments when sending someone into a new context, mostly overseas but also in the UK.


Q: Can you bespoke your trainings to our company/organisation?

A: Absolutely! At RAS: Risk Advisory Service, we pride ourselves in making our trainings as specific to you as we can. This may take more input from yourselves in the initial phases. Where we cannot, we will ensure that the participants are aware that we are not an expert in every country in the world.


Q: Why do you want to know about exposure to trauma or ability levels for your courses?

A: Some of our courses are physically demanding. Including but not limited to kneeling, running short distances and outdoor movement. This will not stop someone from attending the course, but it is just so we can make appropriate adjustments, so they can learn safely. The same is true of asking if someone has been involved in a traumatic incident. We do not want to risk re-traumatising someone. Again, it’s so we can train you safely. This information will be shared with the training team, but the other participants.


Q: It states on the First Aid pages that you can get a multiple booking discount. How much will this be? 

A: RAS’s foundations are in the charity/third sector we want to help people where we can, but it is not always possible. We offer discounts to organisations in the third sector, small start-up businesses and individuals if you book more than five spaces.


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