Privacy, Ethics and FAQs

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As part of any training, we will need certain information about you. Some of these are required by the awarding body and will be forwarded to them, such as your name, address and email. These details are then shared with the FAA (the awarding body) for First Aid. Your details will also be used for reminders about refresher training and our mailing list.

medical Information

Other information that we request, is to ensure that we can keep you as safe as possible during your training. This may mean, making certain changes to how we run sessions to ensure that injuries or illnesses (physical or emotional) are not exacerbated. For example, one lady with MS who did declare was able to have reasonable adjustment made so that she could complete her CPR training as part of her First Aid. For some courses if you are in the early stages of pregnancy will ask you to declare this.

Any information you share with our trainers and advisers about yourself, we will share only with the training team delivering the course.


We love to take photos of our training for marketing purposes. At the start of each training we will ask you to sign a short register to say you are content to be included in that photograph. Neither you nor your organisation will be named, unless you specifically wish to be named. You can request to have the details removed if you change your mind at any time.