Travel Risk Management

At RAS: Risk Advisory Service we offer a bespoke travel risk management service for your company. Whether you are a multi-national, a start-up or growing or something in between; we believe that access to new and exciting global markets should be explored to support your business, and this means business travel. Our team will help you deliver, for your business a security management system that reflects what you do; where you do and how you do business for your company’s tolerance of risk. We help you to understand your travel risk tolerance and provide you with a toolbox of appropriate responses from minor incidences to major events.

Jordan, bright blue sky, archaeological remains, ruins, jureshAs an employer you have a duty of care to protect their staff from known risks. We will assist in the development of a security management system, helping senior managers and travellers develop a security culture, policies and procedures as well as bespoke training. Your core needs are the same as that of all our clients, to keep your staff as safe as possible for the most productive trip.

We offer four key services:

Part One: Free Fact-Finding Consultation

A get to know you series of meetings, which can be undertaken in person and via VOIP (internet call) to get to understand you and your company. It is a light touch investigation but will allow us to plan how we move forward. We will also want to look at some of your key documents or at least look for guarantees that they are in place.

Part Two: Auditor Package

This is where our team will speak to key staff, including those that travel, examine your policies, ethics, travel, insurance, and some of your HR systems to fully understand where you have gaps or weakness. We will highlight where you are doing well and what improvements should be. If you have multiple sites we may need to these locations and ask the same questions into those locations as well.

Part Three (option one): Policy Checker Lite

Group work, risk assessment, sticky notes, decision making, workshop

This is where for those companies who are small and starting to grow, we will work with you in a workshop format to look at these policies and development materials with you, rather than back and forth. It costs less but takes more of your staff’s time, as they generally present. We work collaboratively, can negotiate points it will also provide informal training for your key staff.  There is an additional training for those who will travel, this option is for those who manage travel.

Part Three (option two): Ultimate Policy Checker

The ultimate policy checker combines the audit package alongside training. Training is tailored from our standard materials for your company’s profile. There are two separate training courses one for staff who manage travel and those travelling and the second is for the travellers. First Aid training can always be tailored to your environment as well.

We would be more than happy to chat through your options, so please contact the team using the form below.