International Business Traveller Support

All businesses have a legal Duty of Care to manage their staff safety.

Duty of Care is both a legal and moral responsibility. But where do you start to keep international business travellers safe and to keep your business continuity going, without it becoming cumbersome and expensive?

sunrise, silohuette, airport, man with suitcase, aeroplane tails in the background, man walkingTo grow a global business, we need to seek out new and exciting markets. But in uncertain economic and political times, we are forced, as businesses, to take ever greater risks, and increase your international business travel. Mis-management or failure to manage staff safety, can damage a business, both reputationally and financially.


Risk Management

As a business leader you can not identify every single risk in every context you send staff to, but your staff can and should. But by having well-thought out and tested staff safety management systems, which identifying the most likely risks that will have the biggest impact on your staff, you can expand into new and exciting markets. For everyone involved international business travel, the right policies and plans in place with support through training and testing, you can build internal confidence in your business.

By bringing in RAS advisors, we will focus on assiting you in the creation of an appropriate international business travel architecture for your organisation. Our experienced professional practitioners with years of experience and knowledge of managing business travel will guide you. We will help you, ensure best practice is applied, tailor staff management systems to the way you and your team work. Tailoring the policies to the environments you work in, involving and including your team in the design of any management system. We will help you focus on business continuity during a crisis, so that you can divert time and skills to supporting your staff. This will enable you up to decide on how to manage the rest of your business at this time.

Once your staff safety management plans in place, we would recommend that you test your plans. This can be a table top scenario or through a Management of Staff Safety course.

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