Guest Speaker

a Guest speaker, who will share the highs and lows of life as humanitarian.

Sunset, Sobat River, South Sudan

Is this what you were thinking of when tasked with looking for a guest speaker?

possibly not, but you shouldn’t miss it!

Our Director, Nisha, has a light-hearted 90 minutes long speaker slot that features the highs and lows of working as a humanitarian. Couple with photos from her work, taken as memories, whilst she was out and about doing her work. The photos show some of the most inaccessible places on earth at their most honest. Sometimes bleak, sometimes joyful, but their beauty is that they are very personal.

Nisha has worked predominately in East Africa, supporting major European aid agencies in civil conflicts, protracted humanitarian disasters in some of the wettest and driest places on earth. Her travels are by no means at an end and, she would love to share with you some of the extraordinary aspects of living and working in some of the most beautiful, complex and remote places in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

In every heart rendering situation there is always the random, the silly and the plain bizarre moments. Stories include the chicken and the lizard escapade, and why she ended up wrestling a goat for her underpants!

We will help you with the logistics of proejctors and the like as part of the talk. This is ideal for social and community groups.

To book our Director, contact our team at reception @