The Art of Holiday Packing

If you are like the team at RAS HQ we booked our holiday in the dull and grey winter months thinking our summer holiday would never arrive, it’s nearly around the corner. We have decided to make the bold decision this holiday to go hold-luggage free. It’s going to be an interesting experiment, especially given our history of bringing large bowls and wall art home with us.

When we started looking for inspiration for our hold-luggage free adventure we wanted to find some simple dos and don’ts. The idea came around after discovering that we abandon something like 27 tonnes of aerosols, mixed sharps, perfumes and aftershaves at security, and five tonnes were left at Birmingham Airport security in 2018 alone!

So here are some top tips on how to pack light for your hand luggage only flight!

Think Bag

Pick a light-weight case that your airline will accept as hand-luggage. Yes, that’s right all airlines have different rules regarding how big your bag can be. Also, 10kg doesn’t go very far, so make sure your bag is as light as it can be. Check before you book the size of your hand luggage you don’t want a nasty surprise when you check in.


Use refillable 100ml bottles for any liquids. We know that you want to finish the end of the bottle of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel etc, but it should fill the bottle its in. If it’s not a 100ml bottle they will confiscate it. Remember that food like marmite counts as a paste and is included in liquids. So why not make the switch to bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner?Put all your 100ml bottles in a plastic bag. We get the dilemma for plastic bags so maybe get a reusable one or keep re-using the one you have.

Specific Food

Baby food, and food for special diets will be examined and re-examined, so be ready for it.Think about anything that’s sharp and leave it at home. You can take razors, knitting needles, round end scissors no longer than 6cm.


Check if can you take your electronics in the cabin with you. In 95% of the locations you can, but for some you will not be able to. Check the Government website for more information.

Capsule your wardrobe

Make sure everything is multi-function and purpose for your trip. Can a scarf double as a top or sarong? We estimate that you can make 18 outfits from just eight garments. Keep your colour palette simple, ensure you have garments you can dress up or down, but changing a jacket for shirtsleeves.

Roll don’t fold

Always roll your clothes don’t fold them! They don’t crease as much and don’t take up as much space if you roll your clothes.

Packing Cubes!

Using packing cubes can help you organise your bag. You don’t want to open your bag, and everyone see your superman pjs! Packing cubes allow you to compartmentalise your stuff, and stop it spilling over the floor.

Put your key documents and the items you need during your flight at the top of the bag, saves you having to rummage around every time you go through security.

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