Scenario Days

nail in finger, left hand, bloody dressing, first aid make up

Scenario Days were devised by the team to ensure that our skills, are as sharp as possible. We are now offering scenario days to all our clients. We will put your First Aiders on the spot, in challenging scenarios to test their skills to provide confidence and enhance knowledge. We provide a debrief but no formal teaching to ensure that you staff are as ready as possible.

We can make the scenarios as large or small as you would like. We can simulate a multi-car accident or a heart attack in the café, using actors, based on real life incidents and make up. We will work to your risk assessment to ensure you systems work as well as they can. We include your other staff to help provide feedback and to keep costs low. Our scenario days are limited by your resources and your needs.

Talk to our team about scenario days to keep your First Aiders’ skills sharp!