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Leap Forward. Leap Safe.

2020 is a leap year, so we have a bonus business day.

But in our Leap Year, as you Leap Forwards towards spring; will you Leap Safe?

At RAS HQ we have noticed that we are starting to do a spring clean with more vigour than last year, maybe we underestimated the Leap Year effect! Whether that it is a literal or metaphorical leap forward; the desire for some of us to start cleaning out cupboards, tidying up servers or just getting our offices in order, for the new financial year is building. Our office is currently a mess, as we sort out old equipment and install new, cataloguing and branding our assets as we go, all before we leap into the new financial year.

We, at RAS HQ, also use this time of year to do our planning, staff training and most importantly budgeting. Through the year we will have made a note of useful and interesting courses, articles and books we want to read or explore as a team. Whether it’s our First Aid Instructors’ Annual Monitoring; Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or new skill development we set aside some budget in both time and money at this time of year. It’s a great way to start the new financial year; full of energy and enthusiasm, especially as the weather takes a turn for the worse this year.

What have you planned and budgeted for, in terms of, your team’s training this leap year?

Are your team up to date with their Health and Safety training? First Aid, Fire Wardens or Manual Handling? Do you know where to start looking for an affordable, reliable, flexible training company that is responsive to your work environments or shift pattens? To leap from a national provider can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Sadly, there are trainers out there that will claim to provide you with an Ofqual qualification but then produce a Certificate of Attendance. We don’t!

How RAS can help your business . . . .

All our training is accredited by FAA as standard, our trainers are approved by NUCO, and this gives you, peace of mind, that you are getting value for service from a trainer that is up to date, efficient and engaging. Our trainers also are all practicing medics, outside of training at various events nationally and internationally. The national providers are good at what they do, but they can be up to 70% more expensive compared with the independent trainers, do you have the budget to cover that? In their open courses your team could be sitting in with other professionals and trades in a generic training rather than one that is specific to your team and your company’s needs, which might need a greater leap of the imagination for some.

In a world with no budget restrictions all staff should be trained, but with tightening budget constraints before you take the leap and book that course, you should ensure that you have enough trained staff to cover all eventualities. You will need to cover holidays, unexpected absences, sick leave, and all hours of your business. We welcome all our clients to have a chat with us, about their training needs. If we can’t help you directly, we leap at the chance to recommend you to a trainer that will provide what we are unable.

take a leap of faith . . . .

Drop us an email to schedule a call that works for you in terms of time and methodology (phone, skype or in person) via our email reception@

leap forward, leap safe in 2020.

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