Courses and Training

One of the best ways to invest in your staff is with a committment to capacity building through mentoring, courses and training. Its a clear indication that your staff are important to you.  Some training will be mandatory and others will be optional.

When a staff member travels for an employer then you will have a duty of care for them whilst they are travelling in the UK or overseas and as an employer you will need to have appropriate and functional plans and policies in place. Plans and policies are not only for the traveller(s) but also for the supporting management team, who might need to respond in extreme circumstances. Establishing those policies are only part of the process. You will also need to test those policies and provide your staff with some training through tailor made or open courses, maybe even a desk top exercise.

Classroom ready for use, white walls, chairs in rows,

At RAS: Risk Advisory Service, our courses aim to give you not only best practice but practical solutions. Our aim is to make our courses as interactive and engaging as possible, by making  sessions  practical, as we can. We want you to come away from the course not only having enjoyed it, but also better informed.

We have a range of courses for the individual and for senior management.

How our courses are delivered is up to you! With the right environment we can deliver our courses at your venue or our own. We can run the course over several days or in one go (depending upon the course). Contact our team to discuss your needs.