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Male Depression and Strong Men

Mike Knight is a Knight by name and by nature, he is one of the strong men.

In our latest Guest Blog, Mike Knight, Chief Instructor from Way of the Spiritual Warrior talks about own journey to become one of the strong men. Being one of the strong men, (or women) as you will read is not about physical strength it is all the attributes that we need staff to have  when we ask them to travel for employers.

Over to you Mike. . . . . .

In my hands is a piece of material, just a slim piece of coloured material that is fastened around the waist. It doesn’t sound like much does it? Yet what I hold represents years of hard work, sacrifices, failures, perseverance, progression, blood, sweat and yes; a few tears.

In 2003 I began training in martial arts. I fooled myself into thinking this is going to make me the “hard man” that no one would mess with. The truth is quite the opposite. I had suffered with depression for many years and it had left me as a shell of a human being with no self-confidence and no self-worth. Was I suicidal? No, I was apathetic. I had given up on life and no longer cared what happened to me.

But then, through training, I found out what martial arts is really all about.

The attributes associated with kicking and punching equated to a small percentage of the benefits. Over time I began to grow as a person. The physical exertion improved my physical health, it released the endorphins that made me feel like a million dollars every time I finished a class. It was like a drug and I was hooked onto this good feeling of being one of the strong men.

Over time I developed mentally and emotionally. My confidence grew and with it my self esteem as I grew to be one of the strong men. I met new people who inspired me to do more and to aim higher; to push for goals that I had previously thought impossible.

If someone had said to me, back when I first started training “You’ll be a black belt some day” I would have laughed in their face. If they had said “You’ll be teaching your own classes” I’d have checked to see if they had mistaken my identity. If they had said “You will run your own club” I might have thought they were being sarcastic.

Yet here I am; not the “hard man” that I had once envisaged but rather the “strong man”, able to deal with the negative and difficult aspects of life in a much better manner.

Is it easy? In short: No!

But nothing worth doing comes easy; it takes hard work and commitment to self improvement but it is possible. I am living proof of it, and if I can do you it then you really can do it too. I have taught hundreds of students over the years. Many of them grown men with what seems like the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect life etc. Nothing is perfect. Many of those I have taught that appear to have the idyllic lifestyle. They have come to me and told me of various issues they have faced: anxiety, depression, addiction, self-loathing, and yet they, have thanked me for helping them but in truth I have simply given them the tools and means for them to create the best version of themselves possible.

To contact Mike Knight, Chief Instructor to talk about becoming one of the strong men (or women) or martial arts then please contact him at mike [@] They Way of the Spiritual Warrior Academy is a full-time centre with classes that will suit all abilities and ages. 520 Foleshill Road, Coventry, CV6 5HP |

We thank Mike for taking time to share with us. We have a better understanding on being one of the strong men, so we can manage others in business travel. Mike is a support of RAS and has advised us about how to be strong when we travel and when  we ask our team to travel both internationally and nationally.