New Starts in Spring; Planning your Training Budget and Using Small Buisnesses

Today is the Spring Equinox.

It’s the meteorological time, when we turn from winter towards spring and look forward to summer. It’s an appropriate day to also be International Happiness Day the sun here at RAS HQ is out and we are all looking forward to longer nights, and hopefully, brighter and warmer days.

Yellow daffodilsIt’s our financial new year but also the time of year to consider new habits, revise if you are compliant, plan for the summer and new beginnings.

It’s the time of year our Grannies would have swept the house, scrubbed behind the range, had everything out of the house to bake in the warming sunshine and have a cleansing spring clean. It wasn’t about being comliant it was just something they did. These days we are budgeting and planning for the new year – a modern version of spring cleaning.  As you finalise your budget have you considered your staff training and checked your are still compliant? In a recent study by a national supplier, it was noted that 80% of all UK businesses are not First Aid compliant. Are you?

We are often asked why our courses are so much cheaper than the big national companies. Well here’s a little something about why you should be using a smaller local business. We tend to be:

  • great value for money. Providing you with better customer service from a company that wants to help you rather than just sell to you.
  • unhindered by large national marketing budgets
  • nimbler and more adaptable to the market.
  • willing to think outside the box to find the right soloution for you.

When you buy from a small business you are putting money back into a local community, because we generally support other small businesses. But when you buy from a multi-na tional you are buying the shareholders and the CEO their next holiday home.