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How to pick a First Aid Course.

You know you need First Aid training and it’s a good thing to do. But, how do you know if you are getting the right First Aid training for you and your business?

There are an overwhelming number of First Aid Training Courses out there. Prices vary wildly as do lengths of courses – so how do you avoid low quality PowerPoint driven First Aid and pick the right one for you?

Firstly, and let’s get this out of the way now. First Aid is a practical skill.

It’s not something you can learn online, or from a book. Yes,you can do some of the theory online or read it before attending a live First Aid course, but you need to create muscle memory. You will need to feel and test your own body to know how to safely roll someone into the recovery position, how tight to do a bandage up or how to correct your position for CPR is something you have to actually do with a half day.  We’d like to see these half day online only courses banned.

So how do you pick the right provider? Well reviews will help, but so will meeting the trainer themselves. Here are some questions that you might wish to ask yourself before engaging a trainer or training provider.

Can the trainer provide you with their certification?

As a First Aid trainers we all have to do a CPD training per year. Have they done their refresher, or are they booked to do this?


When did the instructor do their own learning?

All registered First Aid trainers belong to a training body, who will ensurethey are providing and safe and legal level of First Aid. For example, our trainers are all NUCO Approved Trainers, and every year they have to attend a course and do a teaching demonstration or have an internal assessor come and visit a training to test the quality of their training, relevance of content and ensure they are up to date.

Who is their awarding body?

There are a lot of solo instructors out there who teach what they think is correct. But are they part of a body that provides some assurance to you that  their training is compliant to HSE (Health and Safety Executive)? The rules about awarding bodies are about to change, so watch out for an update from us about what that means to you. Our trainers are all Approved Trainers by NUCO.

What level of First Aid do you need?

If you are a village community group that has an AED in your village, then an Emergency First Aid at Work course known as a EFAW would be really useful. You will receive AED training as part of the set syllabus, or you could do a half day refresher a year after the supplier has given you training.

If you are a large factory then you will need a First Aid at Work known as a FAW. This is a legal requirement and you will need to check what course you need.

There are lots of other specialist courses out there, if you are working at height, working in remote locations, such as an oil rig or down a mine. You should seek advice from your provider and the HSE guide before you book.

The final factor is price.

There are courses out there as cheap as £40 or as much as £160+, cheap isn’t always a good idea nor is the most expensive. We have been looking at some of these cheaper courses and wonder about the quality of the training. The large national providers are good, but maybe supporting a smaller local company is also a good thing. The smaller companies are, generally, more flexible in tailoring content, dates and even sometimes fees. If you are an equine centre then there is an equine focused company out there for you, outward bound and bush craft enthusiasts there’s a provider out there for you.

So now you are thinking about first aid courses – check out our courses –