RAS: Risk Advisory Service

At RAS: Risk Advisory Service, we believe that when you are planning international business travel you should be as prepared as possible. In recent years, extreme events have targeted and affected international business travel. These events remain a feature in global media, and has changed the way risk is perceived, personally and professionally.

By undertaking travel assessments, you can consider risk and establish appropriate mitigation measures for that context. Having the right systems in place, means you can start to prepare for your staff to travel internationally. The RAS: Risk Advisory Service approach to international business travel, will ensure that preparing for risks is a positive experience, rather than one that is overwhelming or scary.

RAS: Risk Advisory Service is made up of two main components, International Business Travel Support support and advisories and, First Aid Training.

First Aid Training

At RAS: Risk Adivsory Service, we believe that everyone should be confident and competent in First Aid. Use our guide to help you assess the First Aid training you need. Based on your risk assessment we can guide you to the most appropriate course, and our team of instructors will provide an engaging, memorable and informative First Aid training.

At RAS: Risk Advisory Service, we aim to prepare you, so that you can focus on your international business travel with confidence.

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8 thoughts on “RAS: Risk Advisory Service

  1. Helen in London says:

    Nisha, the Director, is an outstanding trainer; an excellent communicator and educator. She adapted her materials and pace to suit our particular audience and we haven’t looked for anyone else to lead our trainings since!

  2. admin says:

    We have just received this from Dr Tomassi from the Open Univeristy and had to share!

    “We worked with Nisha recently who delivered a Personal Security Awareness training to a group of 20. Nisha and Risk Advisory Service (RAS) were atune to our needs for training. The session was fun and interactive, with lots of space for questions and a up-to-date materials for us to get to grips with. I have worked with Nisha before, and thought that her personal experience combined with training style, relaxed and yet informative, inspired us to confidence. The training was based on best practice, as well as practical experience and top tips. The follow up short messages are a great reminder and they link well to the course handbook and our day-to-day activities. I would be very happy to work with Nisha again.” Dr Suzanna Tomassi (PhD, MBA, MSc, MSc) | Deputy Director (Partnerships),The Open University

  3. Warwickshire Property Rentals Limited says:

    Recently attended a First Aid course conducted by Nisha. Having been doing first aid training on a regular basis for the last thirty years with all the usual providers I can honestly say that she knows her stuff ,has a really pleasant manner when training and adapts her style accordingly to meet the needs of a class with widely varying experience. She is now our ” go to” trainer.

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